DT024 – Tom Jeffery

New Deep Thinking podcast by Tom Jeffery:



Tom Jeffery was introduced to the underground music scene at the age of 17, taking an instant liking to the deeper sounds of house. Over the years, opening his mind to new ideas he swiftly slipped away from the restraints and verged deep into a quest to find a sound that was true to his being.

Constructing a unique sound that represents his perception of reality, understanding that everything is energy, Tom produces frequencies that connect with listeners so that you can wander deep into your mind on a journey of self discovery.

Knowledge for music is key to creating that perfect sound, and his mixes are produced with track selections which flow effortlessly from one state to another, opening doors and finding inner beauty and true connection with your inner self.

At the age of 24 and one half of Second Step Records, Tom is at the beginning of his own quest to turning his dreams into reality, resonating with as many people along the way.



1.   Federsen – Khonvoum

2.   Christian Farias, Luigi Gori – Better Than You

3.   Textural Being – Snowfall (Silence)

4.   Textural Being – Sight & Perception

5.   Goran Geto – Diving to Deep (Fingers in the Noise Remix)

6.   Pash’n’lips – My Friend Alien

7.   Ferro – Baibeh

8.   Caractere – In 2 Tonuri

9.   Unknown – Punct

10. Brickman – Time is Now

11. Ivan Smoka – Underwater (Analog People Remix)

12. Seuil – Jomone

13. Demetrio Giannice – November

14. Timo Camillo – Sandal Beads, Falling Leaf (Sunner Soul Remix)

15. Leonid – SH1

16. D.M.P – Distance

17. Addex – Deep Conscious

18. Ellroy – Everything


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