DT023 – Julian Bomm

Deep Thinking podcast by Julian Bomm:




Since the summer of 2011, Julian Bomm is a resident and integral part of the rheinrhythmik crew. With his pleasant manner and his own style, the Dortmund born DJ has quickly won the heart of Cologne and has become one of the most talented DJs in the city.

He is well known for his deep, straight and bassline-driven sets. It is not surprising that he enjoys prestige bookings in top clubs like KaterHolzig, Club der Visionaere or Chalet in Berlin, followed by performances in London, Amsterdam, Austria and Switzerland. Since a longer time he started to produce his own music which will be released soon.






1.Cesar Merveille & Cesare Marchese -disorder vs disaster (bruno pronsato remix)
2. Egal 3 – Petruce (Dub Mix)
3. Barac – Frou Frou
4. Seuil – Get Up
5. David Gtronic & P. Jones – Febula ( Original Mix)
6. Arapu – Flash (Original Mix)
7. Nu Zau – Angajat De Mai (Cabanne Remix)
8. Nu Zau – De Pe Centru (Original Mix)
9. Livio & Roby – Shinichi (Original Mix)
10. Doubtingthomas –  Snooze Operator (Original Mix)
11. Dubphone – Alfama (Original Mix)
12. Argenis Brito, David Delgado – Unreleased Track
13. Minilogue – Hypnotized (Original Mix)
14. Foehn & Jerome – Unreleased Track
15. Francesco Assenza – We come in Peace
16. Mihai Popoviciu, Jay Bliss & Pagal – Human (Daze Maxim Remix)
17. John Dimas – Self Control (Original Mix)


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