DT020 – Laminat

Deep Thinking podcast by Laminat



Born in Austria and growing up with the musical influence of Hiphop, Johannes Piller aka Laminat released his first album at the tender age of 20. He first drifted off into the adventureous realms of hiphop-avantgarde and soon shifted his musical focus more and more towards electronic uptempo grooves. The tipping point of this development was the celebration of his 21st birthday in Berlin with DJs from the International Gigolo – Posse. Since then, Laminat is a victorious victim of the four to the floor approach of the craft of spinning. Sailing on the bassline like a steamboat-captain on a powerful river, scanning the horizon for the infinite loop and creating magical veils between the DJ-booth and the dancefloor like a sorcerer: it all stems from Mr. Laminat’s desire to fuse body and soul into its preternatural harmony, layer after layer after layer…


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