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Sleep is Commercial is a creative collective based in Berlin. Started as a music label in 2009, it has expanded into a broader cultural field and today is a platform to support music, fashion, art, photography and events. Yet, music is still very much at the heart of the project.  Not simply music making, but electronic music as a lifestyle, an attitude, and as an expression of what you can achieve when experimenting, sharing and celebrating all join together.

The music branch of SIC is split into 5 separate sub-projects. Each expresses a different aspect of the collective’s wider aims and showcases the range of electronic music produced from ambient to techno. Releases come in various formats and mediums, including albums, singles and experimental collaborations on CD, vinyl and download. With so much variety, the website is far more than a promotional tool – it is another platform to curate, export and share the five multi-layered projects. Morning Tools is the place where SIC really express their commitment to sharing. Each time, the free monthly release is mixed by different artists, someone from outside the SIC family and often a new artist discovered on the road.

In 2012 Sleep is Commercial started to pursue a global agenda. They welcomed to the family/factory Cem and RG, two DJs already well-established in the bustling in New York electronic scene.  SIC travelled to Asia and throughout Europe, and last year founded an intimate annual festival for music lovers and industry professionals in Sardinia.  At Sleep is Commercial, music is not simply something to be consumed, it is also a way to bring people together. Bringing people together is one of their key fundamental values and one of the things that they do so well.




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