DT014 – Bastian Lehnert

Deep Thinking Podcast by Bastian Lehnert

Bastian Lehnert is founder of the eventconcept stay|tuned and co-founder of the booking- and event agency Timless-Beatz which is celebrating its ninth anniversary. As a skilled audioengineer, Bastian has 14 years of experience behind the decks, is appointed resident DJ, booker and promoter of the first and unique SodaClub Salzburg and has displayed his talent and energy at numerous gigs in hole Europe. His new EP « Traces Of Nuts » was in Beatport Top100 several weeks, many other hot stuff will be released soon. Clubbers expectations are always exceeded by Bastian’s mix of sound; if you haven’t experienced it yet, hurry up and don’t miss out.

more info: https://www.facebook.com/bastianlehnert.official

01. Stuart Hawkins – Pitons (Original Mix)
02. Dazeem – 0602 (Original Mix)
03. Fabio Giannelli – Grenouille (Original Mix)
04. D’Joseph, Fredy – Hot Things (Original Mix)
05. Mariano Mateljan – My Ship (Jun Akimoto Remix)
06. Franko Lopez, Marius K – Lipstick View (Original Mix)
07. Jam’ On – Got ya (Monkey Coops South negga doux remix)
08. Loquace, Synkrone – Smoke Too Much (Original Mix)
09. Cesare vs Disorder – Chacha Malaga (Original Mix)
10. Amine Edge, DANCE. – Mistakes (The Midnight Perverts & Subtron Remix)
11. Chad Andrew – One Reason (Sebastian Paiza Remix)
12. Michael Rosa – Shady Snare’s (Original Mix)
13. T.W.I.C.E – Round & Brown (Jun Akimoto & Ittetsu Remix)


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