DT013 – JJ Mowbray


Deep Thinking Podcast by JJ Mowbray:

From a early day, a keen infatuation for music drove JJ Mowbray. This lead to a particular sound that he tries to convey in his Sets, typically, stripped-back and plenty of low end grooves. Constantly searching for music, JJ’s Music collection has grown to allow him to warm-up, play peak time, or captivate the audience with extended sets. In 2013 JJ played a b2b set with Chris Lattner at Sacrebleu Re-oepning party, which solidified his residency at Half Full. JJ alongside Jordan Turbill & Tom Loveridge in 2013 launched a new Sunday Party called « Dei Swa Rei » in Manchester, creating a new refreshing outlook on music the city needed. Look out for the next few events to come from « Dei Swa Rei » and productions in 2014.

Track list:
Archie Hamilton & Mariano Mateljan – Stun – Original Mix
John Dimas – Self Control (Original Mix)
Stuart Hawkins & Loquace – Musique – Original Mix
Enzo Siragusa, Seb Zito – Sweet (Original Mix)
Callum Hammett, Leroy Roberts – Ninjas (Original Mix)
Dani Casarano, Felipe Valenzuela – 1000 Tones (Original Mix)
Dazeem – Fake Mind
Dan Lively – Regardless (Original Mix)
Mariano Mateljan – Deux Jours (Original Mix)
Mark Henning – Haunt Me (Original Mix)
East End Dubs – Jazz Me (Original Mix)
Viudez & Rudolf – ?
Radum & Eleven – Pe drum (Original mix)

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