DT010 – Ki.Mi.

DT010 - Ki.Mi



Ki.Mi. started producing music in 1999. Since 2003 he is also a dj and promoter.

In early 2005 he signed contracts with foreign labels on 5 releases including 1 album and by the mid of 2005 Ki.Mi.’s tracks and mixes were heard on the dancfloors and radio stations all over the world. He had a huge support from many geniuses of electronic music.

In 2009 he started working with such labels as Proton (USA) ,Statik Entertainment (Germany), Instabil (Germany), Factomania (Spain), Carica Limited (Italy), Blue Dog (Australia), The Flame Recordings (Italy), Stereooxide (Germany), Superbia (Italy), Forza (Russia), Carica Forza (Russia), Green Snake (Russia).
Ki.Mi.’s guest mixes and tracks could be heard on Pure FM (San-Francisco), Proton (USA), Trockensaft (Germany), ETN.FM (Canada), New Amsterdam (USA), Play.FM and different Russian radio stations. He also became a co-owner of Australian label Blue Dog.

In 2009 his album Muzik Book was released on Superbia label with the track Stereokubizm that was on top 10 chart of Depeche Mode.

A bit after Ki.Mi.’s track appeared in the compilation Minimal Club Session Vol. 2 together with such musicians as Kaiserdisco, Christian Fischer, Daniel Stefanik, Hector Couto, Vizar, Dani Casarano & Delete, Monoroom, Ladies On Mars, PK & Lopez, Sensou, Trutanof and Underground Sky.

By 2010 Ki.Mi’s career resulted in contracts with more then 8 lables.
In the end of 2010 Ki.Mi. together with his friends created their team Double Sound and started making parties in Saint-Petersburg. Very soon Double Sound has become one the most famous teams in their own city. Guys bring foreign musicians not only in Saint-Petersburg but also in Moscow.

In 2012 the new Ki.Mi.’s new album was released on Apparel music and there are still many unreleased tracks that are waiting for the world to hear them.

1. Iksenit – In To The Background
2. Ki.Mi. – Kate
3. Modul – Over The Dew
4. Deni Diezer – Emptiness As Expression
5. Derek Marin – We’ve Been Expecting You (Zoi Remix)
6. Moti Brothers – The Beginning (Forteba Remix)
7. Spiral Dub – Feedback Control
8. Spiral Dub – Feedback Control (Havantepe Version)
9. Random Walkers – Bassogigas
10.Fabio Scalabroni – Analogisms
11. Nvelope – Chord Work
12. Lake People – Trawler (Hang-sounds By Beatunique)
13. Stiver – Shine



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