Andrey Pushkarev – Gingo Biloba

Gingo Biloba is the new release by Andrey Pushkarev on CircusCompagny:


« While we have a strong crew of regular artists that define a lot of what Circus Company is about, we
are of course always looking ahead and all around us as well. It gives us no greater buzz than to be
able to help offer a platform to an artist like Andrey Pushkarev, who has devoted much of his life to
electronic music but is only now achieving his debut single.
From years working as a DJ and distributor in Moscow, Andrey has been slowly absorbing the finest
elements of stripped, deep house and techno and channeling it into his elegant, well-researched
performances both on the radio and all over Russia and Europe. Exercising patience in venturing into
the world of production, the Gingo Biloba release is the perfect realisation of time spent studying and
understanding what makes a great track.
These are tracks made by a DJ for a DJ, finding the ideal groove and riding it hypnotically to melt
seamlessly into neighbouring tunes, but more than function, this music has superior form. They say
the sign of a great DJ is how well they can play the warm-up set, and these tracks lend themselves to
this philosophy. Rather than vying for attention with bold, dramatic peak-time cuts, Andrey shares with
us a vision of the perfect lead-in to a long night, where crisp, elegant drums move with purpose while
dubby trails of synth and vapour weave around them.
It is an incredibly mature statement to make from one so new to releasing music, and it adds a
timeless quality to this record that does not need the popularity or hype of the latest, biggest hits. It is a
beautiful demonstration of rhythm and immersion that will echo deep for decades to come. »


Deep Thinking Podcast by Andrey Pushkarev:


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