Deeper Meaning

Deeper Meaning represents the very deepest shade of Etoka’s output, retaining it’s parent label’s DIY ethos. Created especially for those unique and special pieces of music which most deserve to be represented on that most mythical, long lasting and special of formats, vinyl.
Blurring genre lines and bucking trends, we simply aim to release intelligent, unique and unusual electronica. Our numbers are limited, our release schedule slow, considered and careful. In these days of digital labels and internet hype, we offer up a real alternative, a home for true sonic artisans from all over the globe.
« Each sound is unique, like a shadow or fingerprint which can never be copied. But it is our mind that adds feeling and emotion to that sound – attaching colours and textures, creating music. Dive deep into the ocean of sound with DEEPER MEANING and its new creations. »

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